Boscombe Convent was founded in 1889 as a Catholic Girls Day & Boarding School.


In 1925 the nuns brought a property across the road from the convent and this was opened as Boscombe Convent Junior School.


It took girls from 5 - 11 when they transferred to the Senior School.

It also took boys from 5 -7 when they transferred to St Peters - the Boys Catholic Day & Boarding School.


In the 1970's there was a major revision of Catholic schooling in Bournemouth and as a result Boscombe Convent and St Peters amalgamated, becoming based at St Peters.


The Convent Building was put up for sale and has become the University College Chiropractic Clinic.


An independent charitable trust was set up and brought the Convent Junior School premises and in September 1979 the school opened as St Thomas Garnet's Primary School, catering for boys and girls 5- 11.


The Convent uniform was blue, St Thomas Garnet's became red.  As a reminder of their past the boys tie is blue, and the girls tartan uniform has blue incorporated in it.


History of our Head teachers: -


1979 - 1982:    Michael Cooper

1982 - 1992:    Leo Kinsela       

1992 - 2006:    Paul Gillings     

2006 - 2013:    Julie-Ann Cutler

2013 - 2016:    Sarah Breeze       

2016 - 2019:    Craig Lickley 

2019 - date:    Jamie Liddell


The school house was converted into a Kindergarten for children from 3 months to 5 years in around 1993/94. It was opened by David Atkinson MP.


We were honoured to receive a visit from Crispian Hollis, Bishop of Portsmouth to the school when we celebrated our 25th anniversary.


We form an important part of Bournemouth history as there has been education on our site since 1925 and from 1979 it has been St Thomas Garnet's School.

We found some old photos in the archives, the quality is low but they show a glimpse of Boscombe Covent Junior School and St Thomas Garnet's history.

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