Welcome to St Thomas Garnet’s Parents Association.

We are a vibrant and active body that helps extend the community beyond the classroom.

When your children join our school, parents will automatically become members of the school’s Parents Association.


St Thomas Garnet’s PA relies heavily on the goodwill and support of parents and we encourage everyone to recognise how important this body is.

St Thomas Garnet’s Parents Association invites you to be part of this special organisation, whose sole purpose is to create memories and provide equipment and facilities for the children of St Thomas Garnet’s School.


The PA embraces parents and their families in a supportive and enjoyable role, by raising money, participating in school events and promoting the school’s values.

We look forward to welcoming you to our regular PA meetings!

You can email us: pta@stthomasgarnets.co.uk

School Office:  enquiries@stthomasgarnets.co.uk

Or arrange a visit by completing our CONTACT FORM